FLUSHED WITH PRIDE: The Story of Thomas Crapper

by Wallace Reyburn

Flushed With Pride celebrates the life and times of Thomas Crapper, the Victorian sanitary ware manufacturer who revolutionised the nation's water closets and was plumber  By Appointment to Edward VII and George V. First publuished 40 years ago, it achieved cult status on both sides of the Atlantic. This new edition has been updated by Simon Kirby, Managing director of the Thomas Crapper Company and is reissued for the delectation of loo readers everywhere.

Illustrated paperback. 120 pages.
ISBN 978-0955954153


"A fascinating little tome ... tells you everything you could want to know about the great man" Independent 

"An enjoyable read on a great invention" Burton Mail

"Delighted to see this interesting and amusing book back in print" Stratford Herald

"Essential loo reading" Taxiglobe