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by Conrad Glass

Conrad Glass is a policeman with the loneliest beat in the world: he patrols the remote island of Tristan da Cunha in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. No aircraft can land there and few ships pass his way. Much of his work concerns the conservation of some of the rarest species, including the Rockhopper penguin. Rockhopper Copper is the story of the Tristan islanders, told by a direct descendant of the first settler there 200 years ago.

ISBN 978-0955364877
176 Pages Illustrated


“Shaping up to be an international bestseller.” Daily Mail

“It'll certainly be a bestseller.” Geographical Magazine 

Rockhopper Copper will give the world an insight into our unique lifestyle.” Tristan Times


Rockhopper Copper should not be absent from the shelves of anyone with anything more than a passing interest in the world’s remotest island.” Tristan da Cunha Newsletter


"If you yearn to be transported back to a time when doors were left unlocked, families looked after one another and people helped their fellow man, then you will find this a good read." Diplomatic Service Family Assoication Magazine