by Lance Price

Prime Minister Paul Sinclair has been riding high but suddenly his world is in danger of falling apart. His MPs are in rebellion, his deputy is after his job, his security advisers are running rings around him, his teenage son is dating older women on the internet and his wife is seeing another man. No wonder he's tempted to throw in the towel. Time and Fate is political satire at its best. Author Lance Price, a former press adviser to Tony Blair, reveals what life is really like at the top of British politics. It combines an insider's view of 10 Downing Street with a cast of characters that includes ruthless politicians, hard-drinking journalists, incompetent revolutionaries, drug dealers and prostitutes. It is a story of how power, principles and passions collide and it asks what happens when the man at the top says enough is enough.

Paperback 344 pages
ISBN 0954913744

Reviews of TIME AND FATE

"Perhaps Time And Fate will be the corking political novel that Blair's Britain so badly needs." The Times

"From a troublesome rival eager to take on the top job, a bullying spin doctor and a decision to go to war based on false intelligence, the detailed descriptions will cause cringing among those in politics, past and present." The Sunday Times

“The strong characterisation and compelling plotline make Time and Fate a welcome, gripping page-turner…. a refreshingly engaging political novel in its own right.” Progress Magazine