by Diana Winsor

At the heart of this book is the thesis that Man did not emerge from the cradle of Africa, but from the isolation of an island in the Indian Ocean; and that our relationship with the sea is perhaps the single most important aspect of our evolution.

Our mastery of language, our affinity with water, our dextrous but primitive hands, even our big toe – such characteristics define us, and separate us from our primate cousins who remain cheerfully mute, terrified of water and happier on all fours than two.

In the course of pursuing this hypothesis Mr Brouard’s Odyssey brings together all the scientific research, theories – and fantasies – of the past century. Through the friendship of a young woman and her childhood teacher over the past fifty years, it questions our acceptance of the ladder of human progress.

This is a book that takes you on a marvellous journey. You might get lost sometimes, you might wonder where you’re going; but you will undoubtedly be glad you made the trip.

Hardback (13cm x 18.5cm) 276 pages
(ISBN 09544233-5-6)


"An intellectual tour de force." Bath Chronicle

"A new take on the theory of Mankind." Worcester Evening News

"May cause a few ruffled feathers in the scientific establishment." Cornwall Life




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