THE WRECK OF THE TEN SAIL: A true story from Cayman's past

by Sam Oakley

Legend has long claimed that a maritime disaster on the shores of Grand Cayman more than 200 years ago resulted in the Islands’ tax-free status as a reward from a grateful British monarch to the inhabitants for their part in rescuing the survivors.

Local author Sam Oakley revisits the evidence for the ‘Wreck of the Ten Sail’ in 1794 and comes up with some surprising new discoveries in this new, fully-illustrated account of the incident that may have shaped the future of the Cayman Islands as we know them today.

Available in hardback and paperback, fully illustrated. 80 pages
ISBN: 978-09576461-7-9 (hardback);  978-09957368-08-1 (paperback)

Publication: September 2017      


"It's the stuff of legends... certainly puts a different perspective on the story of the Ten Sail" Cayman Reporter

"An exciting new book about the Wreck of the Ten Sail sheds fresh light on one of our most cherished parts of history." Cayman Compass

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