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by Anabel Loyd

Picnic Crumbs is a collection of stories, from all sorts of people over several centuries, of food produced or eaten in a way that may, even when it is a banquet, just about be defined as a picnic. Writers, travellers and gastronomes of all persuasions describe picnics past, present, perfect and imperfect, in this delightfully eclectic anthology collected by Anabel Loyd, herself the daughter of a family whose picnics have been eaten by a mix of guests from prime ministers to Pekingeses. Peter Haslam Fox’s illustrations add the best seasoning to the appetising text.  

Available in hardback and paperback, fully illustrated. 250 pages  ISBN 978-09570481-0-2 (paperback): 978-09570481-3-3 (hardback) 


"A wonderfully entertaining read – a bit of cook book, a lot of history, laced with literature, travel, adventure and a great deal of fun."
Marlborough News



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